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So some of the songs i uploaded on here are some of best work and i hope they go bigger places then just stock music but for now i really like it here and am enjoying the people here and the resources.Eventually,let’s say one of my tracks gets signed to a label….I would have to take it down from here?How do labels feel about this if your song was used somewhere else before they signed you,etc?Does anybody have any experience with this?Thanks.

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If you sell the item using exclusive account, you are not allowed to sell it or give for free anywhere. It means you theoretically should delete the item from AJ before signing the contract with the label. Releasing the music with the label probably will also mean registering the track with some Performance Rights Organization, and no PRO registered tracks are allowed in AJ.

There is also an issue, that let’s say I’ve bought your track today, and tomorrow you’re signing with the label. As I have purchased the licence before, I still got the right to use your track in future, for example I may use it as a background music in my own YouTube video. The label might not like it, and this might lead to a lawsuit, so I’m not sure this is a good thing to sell such tracks as royalty-free. I’d rather split the portfolio and keep the “bigger” tracks out of AJ portfolio.

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Agree.. We believe splitting portfolio is always a good idea. AudioJungle is an audio marketplace related to another creative business (business to business). I think most people buy tracks here to use them as an assets / materials for another creative production.. It could be a movie.. game.. presentation.. etc.

This is quite different with how record labels work regarding selling music to end-users consumers (music lovers / fans..).

So better save our best track for the best moment.. Keep our idealism on youtube or soundcloud.. while we sell our other professional / commercial tracks in AJ.


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