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4riS says

Did you buy a Mac ??

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Joost Volunteer moderator says

Look, I have a busy life. I was so pissed off I let another guy handle it by just selling it to him. There is no way I’ll waste my time for this. Even changing a simple stupid battery is an odyssey.

Point taken, point taken. I always waste way too much time on repairing (pieces of) broken hardware, but it’s almost never worth the hassle :P

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trendyWebStar says

Well most of the things you can do on Mac, Windows has it.. I mean I use windows, maybe in future I’ll get myself a Mac, just for the fun of it :)

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Category-Wordpress says
So, macs : 1. are simple 2. fast 3. virus free (Mac’s can get virus’s) 4. have good software 5. worth what you pay