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contrastblack Envato team says

Was looking for something awesome to read tonight. Now I’ve gotten just that. Thanks TM :)

And of course, congratulations are in order :D

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ToivoMedia says

Guys I’m glad you enjoyed the interview! I was worried it was a bit boring to be honest. :D

What’s the building that you are standing in front of? and on what hill/mountain? :)

Those pictures are from a holiday in California. The top one is in Lucas Valley, the valley where George Lucas has his top secret ranch and command centre. :D A friend used to work for Lucas Arts, so she showed me the entrance to his estate. It’s all secret, there are no signs or anything, even though parts of his business are run there. The bottom picture is a hotel in LA which was used in Angel the TV series. I’m a big Joss Whedon fan so I went to check it out. :D