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rafaelrasalan says

Please give me a reason why designing a website homepage shouldn’t take 1 -2 days but maximum of 1 week and up.

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Alexlasek says

It depends on a project.

Sometimes it’s a day, sometimes even a week. There are so many unpredictable things that you don’t know. It`s even up to a day, your mood, idea of design, or brief from client…

IMO there is no strict rule, how long should it take or shouldn’t

Every designer is different. For your information, when I have a website to design it takes me about 2 days, but it`s just me :)


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Australia says

I spend approx 4 days on some pages, and on others 4 weeks.

Its all subjective and relative

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BruceH121 says

it will depends on you requirement and area of designing.