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Sonicbyte says

Thank you all for your answers…I will go to upload more songs, more often…

I think you’re right, too much time on self-promotion could be sometimes counterproductive

Thanks !

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QAudioProductions says

Soundroll or AudioQuattro f.e. don`t promote themselves much but sell good. It`s because of good songs, a bit luck, their tracks are used by videohivers and they are on the AJ market place for quite some time :-)

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SonicCube says

Hello Sonicbyte, Hello Argentina

i remember very well, when we both (among some other music criminals and slaves ;) ) joined the AJ Marketplace. Still thinking we had some “luck” beeing here quite early if i see the crazy amount of new authors every day.

My own toughts and experiences :
  • Good msuic is not only defined by the amount of sales.
  • Customers will mostly check the “Top Tracks” (or Top Authors) sections first.
  • If any of my tracks ended in there, it sold constantly over a long time.
  • Music used in a good VH project sells better due to it’s cross promotion.
  • YT does not really help if the track is not incorporated in a great video.
  • Soundcloud does better for Music than YT due to it’s fabulous browsing possibilities.
  • Your followers (clients not other authors) are maybe the most important for sales on new tracks.
  • Don’t waste time on other Stock Music Plattforms if you are not a well known author there.
  • It would be like starting today on AJ, maybe even harder as the prices are higher and browsing terrible.
  • Try to get some freelance jobs for Music, build your own small business.

When i came to AJ, i excpected to earn way more, as i was a “known” producer in my musical section/genre since quite a few years. But this did not help me at all, as the customers and the market on AJ is completely different to the “regular” Musicmarket. Try also to sell some of your best tracks in iTunes. Not the “standart commercial” music, but the authentic stuff. But then again, you will have to promote it ;)

Hope i could help a bit with my own experience, but as you see, we are in a similar situation here on AJ. Switzerland is even harder to live from money earned on AJ.

Good luck to everyone and may the sales be with us ;)

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Sonicbyte says

Hey thanks @soniccube You have done things far better than me, more than 3000+ against my 400 sales

I never have the possibility to join a videohive author, so that may change things for me…

Thank you all again

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TortoiseTree says

No matter what, I see stock music as the future. The audio quality is getting higher and higher and the choice and variety is getting better and better. I personally believe that a very able music supervisor can easily slice, cut, paste, fade, mix etc. the music to make it fit in most media settings.

Heck, one can even argue that a whole movie can be done for a few hundred dollars if they pick the songs correctly (nice long songs, repeating cues, extended licenses obviously, buying packs etc.). Besides the fact that video games are starting to be huge in terms of revenue and a lot of independent video game producers buy (and commission) from here.

Stock music costs are very competitive and with the high quality available now I can see less and less specific commissions existing in the near future. Heck, even with improvements to easy to use programs like GarageBand, soon enough music supervisors can make a basic tune very easily and then put it into the show.

My point is, even though there are freelance jobs still available, I definitely wouldn’t give up on AudioJungle or stock music. If anything I’d add more effort now. Now more and more authors and songs are appearing but also more and more clients. You want to get a strong foothold now before the flood of producers come in to cash in to this.

I’ve seen a few authors here “graduate” from AudioJungle as they have gone to better places in terms of their music careers, but the brutal truth is that that is not the current (or sadly, the future status) for most of the composers here. We have no choice but to fight on and hope that one day our music will take off or that a freelance job comes our way, until then we have no choice but to improve our craft and keep composing!

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