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TJMusic says

I’d say if a track has no views, it means that the promotion for this track is issuficient. 0 sales with little views is not a problem of the track, because how could it be bought if nobody knows it exists?

If there are hundreds of views and still no sales, this might mean the track quality is the problem, but some tracks still can be reedited. If they can’t, it makes sense to delete them indeed.

But deleting tracks just because they have no sales is just artificial making the portfolio look good. Or not even that, because track with 1 or 2 sales look as bad as 0 sales – it definitely didn’t pay for its production cost.

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tacoMusic says

I agree with Sky and think there are numerous benefits to doing so that outweigh not doing so:

  • After a while, you will have learned what does and does not work. Most likely, your earlier attempts won’t be up to the standard you’re writing now
  • As Sky mentioned, first impressions DO last. I want my customers to see the tracks that sell well first, not a bunch of 0 sales
  • Trimming tracks distils your portfolio down to your best work and helps clients find your strongest, or most commercial, work quicker.
  • A track that track sells well already is more attractive to collaborators such as VideoHive Authours as it has already shown potential in the marketplace
  • Like any marketplace, products that don’t sell are removed after a while and that looks more professional in my opinion, especially if new material is being uploaded
  • Customers can always buy directly from you if they want it after you’ve removed it (meta-tag up those mp3s folks)
  • You’ll make more friends, be more beautiful and popular

I’ll be trimming some of my tracks soon as I feel I’m tuning into the market needs more.

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davidhollandsworth says

“one man’s subpar track is another man’s treasure” :)

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Joonique says

After seeing this thread I had a plan to remove couple of tracks… and guess what? sold a track with 0 sales hour later!

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