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DaniMun says
Hi guys,

It seems I have the same problem, but just with one market. I’m sending mails to them since 2 weeks and no response and I think I know the reason. What should I do, can you give me an advice?

Thank you

So, they’re ignoring your emails? Go figure…

Excuse my bluntness, but wouldn’t have been a better move for you if you first removed your own files from that marketplace?

Now it’s time for you to consider using Freshkiller. And, for cryin out loud, when will you people understand that Envato is the most fair marketplace?

No offence dude ;)
You are absolutely right, but unfortunately I didn’t know from the beginning that I will have 4 sales after 5 month in that markets :)).

I apologize if my reply sounded offensive :)

It makes sense now, I agree with you that one can’t know how each stock flash marketplaces works… or how it doesn’t, for that matter :D

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07happydays says

No, no, don’t worry about your reply, it was very realistic… unfortunately :)