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burningstonecold says

I’m getting tired of seeing people complain about the marketplaces, wether that be about deposits, earnings,etc. I think it’s time people understand that the marketplaces are developed to benefit everbody!


I put together a diagram above, it’s pretty simple but made to convey a point.

It’s basically representing as end users when we purchase files we are contributing to Envato for the better building of the marketplaces to bring new features and to have it manged so well. It’s going to the authors for their files and also enthuse authors to work to create more themes to benefit the end users by having a greater range of files, this also benefits envato as it will have a greater selection.

Keep in mind that the marketplaces are totally user driven, no authors means no files! In regards to queues, Bear with the fact that these marketplaces are the best managed that are available today, on other sites i see files waiting for up to a number of weeks to be approved where as here at the marketplaces you may only be waiting a few hours to a few days,

As the quality here is only the best you can be assured that the files you purchase are of top quality, and the authors are usually nice enough to help out if you encounter a problem.

In regards to deposits, it may mean you have an extra $5 in your account, but spend that on some of the quality files over at Audio Jungle or Graphic River.

In my opinion, the Envato Marketplaces are the best available – they’re community driven, as everyone works together to build upon the marketplaces.