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WebSmacker says

@Gewora – I noticed you’ve had a couple more sales since implementing some suggestions. Way to take action and I wish you many more sales to come :)

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Smartik says

@CodeFusion, I just want to say, thanks. Your info is very useful. :)

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Pricop says

On the last one I’ve spent around 3 months (was in the exams period).

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CodeFusion says

@Smartik no worries! Glad it helped!

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Gewora says


Sorry for this late reply.

I was really busy the last days.

I guess you saw that we got some sales. We released our second product some days ago.

The first 3 days we had many sales for the new product. The last 2 days only one. Is this normal? I mean that you have many sales on one days, and no sale on the other one?

We overworked our site based on your Tips.

We will also edit the feature images on the CodeCayon product page for Gewora Management and make this features a bit more clear.

If you have any other tips plese write them down :P


Yeah we got some more sales for Gewora Management.
Thanks :)

All the best,

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CodeFusion says

Hey Michael,

Glad it’s working for you!

Just about anything you can think of affects sales. Bad weather pushes people indoors – thus they typically spend more time on the computer which can lead to more sales. On the other hand, great weather brings people outside and away from here. Same thing goes with economics, seasons, temperatures, holidays, seasonal flue, you-name-it! In the past, some authors have reported that they get sales spikes during “normal business hours” here in the US. Others have reported the same about the UK/etc. I think it depends on your target audience.

Here goes another book:

On a more personal note, a UAC is a hard sell – especially to me. In a sense, you are asking me to place the security of my website / web server / content access / whatever, in your hands. It’s not just your UAC, it’s all UAC’s. I expect they have safeguarded against xss, injections, etc. but … to the same degree as, or better than I would? If not, how long is it going to take me to learn your coding style and add the needed measures? If / when you release an update … is it going to destroy my added code? I’ve learned the hard way – the cheap/easy way is rarely the correct way – especially when it comes to security. There are only 3 authors at Envato that I would consider buying a UAC from [unfortunately one of them is MIA for about a year – miss that dude!] (For anyone else reading – don’t let me discourage you – I’m just super anal about what I’ll drop on my server). I really like Acunetix for scanning for vulnerabilities – though, I warn you, setup a complete dummy test site. If it finds an exploit / vulnerability it could destroy your database! Another personal note: I cringe when I see a script using a 3rd party template system. If I want to customize this, not only do I have to learn your coding style, but I would have to learn the template system as well. But I’m the same person that won’t buy a script written atop codeigniter or any other PHP frame work. Yeah, frameworks may save development time, and my be easier for others to customize, but I think they add a boatload of bloat to a project – or maybe I’m just old.

But! Back to marketing.

On your website –Gewora management features –> Beautiful & Simple tab – check your spelling / grammar.

Because this is such a “heavy” script, I’d suggest doing some less intensive stuff to get some sales and ratings under your belt – get your name out there. With smaller, less “expensive” (lol) scripts, people will be more apt to buy it – discover what your abilities are, and learn to trust your skills. In these smaller scripts you will also have the ability to cross sell your UAC – and vice versa.

Envato does an ok job advertising (exponentially so if you are an elite author) – but you have to do your part as well – proactively. Give sneak peeks via twitter/facebook – get people interested before you even release the item (newsletter/subscribe/follow/etc) – but you have to do it selectively and a bit cautiously. You do it too much and people get tired of hear about it | you don’t do it often enough and you won’t have a following. If you over indulge your item (to get attention) and then disappoint on release, it will cost you more than being humble to start with.

Ask people for opinions / suggestions / feature requests / etc. on dribbble / forrst / Programmers StackExchange / etc. Get them interacting with you – much like now ;)

I recommend taking a portion of your Envato earnings and investing them into Google Adwords or the like. Study your target market/audience and tune your ads for maximum results. At this point you’ve made about $87.5 on your item. I’d take 40 of it and invest in advertising. This is kind of hard to explain, but … put yourself in your buyers (target audience) shoes. What other websites are they likely to visit while in their quest to solve their problem (needing a UAC). Of those websites, find out who they use to display advertising. Setup an account and target that website / website niche / type / etc. To find out who is serving the ads, hover over an ad (in Chrom/FF) and look at the url. It’d be like adzerk, doubleclick, adwords, or whatever. Go to the primary domain and register.

What I mean is, if your buyer is likely to visit stackoverflow (looking for a UAC (or help on the P.O.S. UAC they already have)) and stackoverflow use adzerk to display ads; you would want to setup an account at adzerk to better your odds of your ad being displayed there.

Getting your ads setup correctly takes time, patience and money – and there’s always a chance it will never pay for itself! But, there again, maybe it will – that’s for you to decide.

After you gain a following and making sales on a regular basis, you may be able to drop the ads and rely on repeat customers / word of mouth. I’ve found that around half of my accumulated sales come from repeat customers. I’m kind of an odd duck here. I don’t advertise. I don’t chatter on social networks much. I really don’t put any effort into selling my items. I don’t create items based on what the market demands; I create items for myself or my web studio. The fact that I can make a buck here is purely a bonus – mostly funding toys and whatnot. It’s not that I don’t take my Envato items/sales seriously; it’s just that my IRL web studio is what keeps food on the plate and toilet paper on the roll. I still provide support – often way more than I should – even over the phone … I just don’t find it necessary to put forth the effort of advertising – thus my sales are not as high as they could be – though it still affords me nice toys ;)

Being a new author is hard. Unfortunately your average buyer looks at how many stars your item / profile have, and judge the book by its cover. I don’t think many of them take into account the star / buyer ratio. New author = low starts = low sales. Buyers don’t always rate (star) your item, so you need to remind them / encourage them to do so. Theoretically, more starts can help make more sales.

Keep an eye on your analytics. See if there are any pages with a high bounce and find out why. Is there something driving your potential customers away? Too much working and they get bored? Try some A/B Testing.

Another way to sort of advertise is more time consuming, but cheaper. Submit your item to websites / pages / etc., which make lists comparing features of similar items – ie: Top 10 UAC – or whatever. Sometimes it’s a fruitless quest, other times, it can really pay off.

Ask your buyers to sign up to a newsletter. Not only does this give you the opportunity to inform them of updates, but you can also put “ads” to your other items as well – helping cross sales.

Some other – general sales – pointers: Stay active on the forums. I did an experiment a year or so ago. I was really active on the forums and my sales raised. I left the forums alone and sales declined. One thing to note though, most of my items are geared/targeted at developers – not the random WP user – so that may have something to do with it.

Make a video – seems people these days prefer to watch a video (or have the documentation read to them) than to read something. With this particular item, make a video where you are the admin.

A feature you could add to your UAC would be OpenID integration (facebook/google/yahoo/twitter/etc.) – it’s not always fun to mess with but it would certainly perk my interest – fact – they may be the feature that creates an impulse buy!

Send me an email via my profile and I’ll hook you up with more specific marketing tactics.

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erwin_schro says


Thanks for your explanations…

I think that also works for me as I’m just about to jump start here (hopefully my first item will get approved soon). May I email you as well later asking some more advices (if you don’t mind) as I’m start with no budget on advertising…


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