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Nice, but I have to be professionalist and honestly ask: Could you push the “Purchase” button first sir?

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I received an email similar to this, though the email I got went through my company site:


I am a fellow web designer and I was looking for help for the newsletter script in codecanyon by david baker.

I read in the comments, that you’ve installed this script to your clients without any problem.

I am just wondering if you’re willing to listen to my problem in installing this software, and I will share with you good resources and many other scripts that I’ve paid for before if you help me out with david baker script.

I of course, never responded. I remember thinking at the time I got the email that this guy has a lot of nerve! I would never share paid scripts/themes, even if he offered me a whole library of Code Canyon/ThemeForest items. I mean the Newsletter system he refers to is what? 15 bucks? C’mon who cannot afford that??