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Hi guys,

It’s clear that anyone who bought your GPL item can resell/share/use it in any way he likes. But what if he also shares his Purchase Code?

I’ll explain. Recently we’ve got support request from user who did not purchase our GPL theme, but used other buyers Purchase Code to claim support…

( I’ve already submitted ticket to Envato support – #JDQ-439-44348 )

So the questions are:
- is it legal to share Purchase Code of GPL items?
- and if it’s illegal, there must be a clarification about this. why there isn’t?

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No it’s not legal and I imagine they know this as they’d have to go searching around for a purchase code, do you have a database of the purchase codes to check if they’ve been used?

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I think it’s not legal to share Purchase Code. In other hand using someone else Purchase Code is cheating. I think both actions are unethical and illegal.
I wouldn’t give support to non buyers and cheaters.