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Even if there were simply a section where a user that you agree to do freelance for could turn you in if you didn’t do the job at all. A system as simple as that would help, then people could be aware of the freelancers that are just after files.

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DS idea is good, but not fully achievable in my opinion. Some valid reasons were already pointed for that. The main reason in my opinion is that Flashden checks files before they are approved and ensures their quality. “Freelanceden” can’t do that (large number and complexity of requests) and unsatisfied users/freelance buyers might even abandon Flashden because of this.
Also I don’t think that the size of a Flashden portfolio shows flash user skills. My portfolio is of small size, but I have done a lot of freelance projects. Never had a complaint from a client.
I think that a better approach for this problem is to have a user rating in adition to the individual files rating. Of course the rating can be cheated and it’s no guarantee of a good job (this we will never get anyway). It’s just an indicator of what you can get when hiring a freelancer.

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FD exists thanks to authors and their contribution of files. Its only natural an author thinks about how to protect his own work, who would do that if not authors themselves?

A good freelancer could help an author by taking an excess work, and the author could refer the customer to him. Its a win-win situation.

Essentially FD is not a freelancers website, it doesn’t charge fees for being a freelancer, nor for bidding, so why not respect it and authors’ wish to make it more organizable for both parties envolved – authors and freelancers?

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Was reading through some of my old threads I started and came across this suggestion I made 5 years ago about having a site called “FreelanceDen”.. and now we have MicroLancer ;)

You know I make a lot of suggestions, and every time I always get minimal feedback or generally most people don’t agree… but years a later these things get added and everyone things it’s wonderful #justsaying

I hope we’ll get those much needed home page changes I’ve been rambling about the last few years.

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lol, lets keep it here rather than open up a 5 year old thread…