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despoth says

Twitter: “Adobe starts to gifting old Creative Suite CS2 (CS2) absolutely for free.” Check: http://www.adobe.com/downloads/cs2_downloads/index.html



or http://www.diyphotography.net/download-adobe-cs2-for-free

To free or not to free? That is the question…

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AgentVIP says

Already a topic on it here

And has been confirmed by Adobe that the only people who can legally use it, is those who have already bought CS2

On behalf of Adobe Systems Incorporated …

You have heard wrong! Adobe is absolutely not providing free copies of CS2!

What is true is that Adobe is terminating the activation servers for CS2 and that for existing licensed users of CS2 who need to reinstall their software, copies of CS2 that don’t require activation but do require valid serial numbers are available. (Special serial numbers are provided on the page for each product download.) See <http://forums.adobe.com/thread/1114930>.

You are only legally entitled to download and install with that serial number if you have a valid license to the product!

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