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descara says

Hey AJ! Some time ago I decided to make a mock-up out of a short string quartet piece written for a small theory assignment and put it here on AudioJungle. I’ve never attempted programming a string quartet on it’s own before since I always felt it’s too challenging to get it realistic, but I focused on getting the music to sound good rather than getting it to sound 100% like a classical string quartet recording since that felt out of my leauge.

Here’s the track: http://audiojungle.net/item/suspenseful-interlude/3057239

Anyway, your feedback on production as well as the music itself, of course, is much welcome!

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James-Lee-Grey says

Hi, descara!
Music theme itself sounds good. Remind a little atmosphere of score by Thomas Newman for film “Meet Joe Black” (entitled “Mr. Bad News”).
But…. yeah, It doesn’t sound 100% like a classical string quartet. But would like it to be so. Maybe you should try another sample lib. For example “Embertone Intimate Strings LITE ”. It’s free and sounds really awesome (as for me )