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SubKutz says

How about creating three different ’’recent files’’ areas. One for flash, one for audio and one for fonts/video. Maybe even give font and video individual areas.

It would help give authors more exposure. And it will help buyers searching for certain criteria.

How about stopping individual fx sounds? Only allowing users to submit in packs and with certain genres. I’m pretty sure this will be both beneficial to authors and buyers.

I know this site is more flash orientated but still…. a little more help towards the audio area wouldn’t do anyone any harm.

I cant wait for audiojungle to launch. Hopefully all the talented ’’audio artists’’ you have here will start earning some £££.

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ADG3studios Staff says

Hey subKutz,

I actually brought up that exact idea some time ago here, and I agree with you completely.

They said they were working on it, so I guess it’s just a matter of time, though how long is anyone’s guess :)