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I’ve been thinking about these small features and finally decided to share the ideas here. Hopefully some would be interesting enough for the dev team to implement. I’d also like to hear other opinions on this, especially from authors with large portfolios and/or authors on multiple Envato marketplaces.

1) marketplace marking in statement list – I personally have big number of items on at least two marketplaces, so when I open the statement page to see which item was sold, I get confused at times when the item sold has similar names with other file(s) of mine on other marketplaces. Would it be possible to add at least a little color marking at each row of the statement list (if not the full marketplace name) to help me/us recognize the item sold?

2) download own files after portfolio search – we all know that we can download our own files from our portfolio (while in “list view”). But with large portfolio it’s really hard to locate our files without search. But then, after the search is performed, pages loaded aren’t the “portfolio” pages but search result pages, which don’t contain the download link… Can this be corrected somehow?

3) omg… I know I had the third one as well, but I totally forgot what it was… :D It’s too late here anyway, gotta sleep, it’ll probably return to me tomorrow and I’ll post it then :D

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Good ideas Urbazon. I would be happy if someone will invent some batch processing features. Simply mark files and change for all: icons, collections etc. I’m going to organize my portfolio but editing 1700 files separately takes ages :)

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Sometimes I think about it too…. +1 for this features.