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MarioLucianAndreano says

Hi! I have a problem…I signed up recently and I chose to be an exclusive author.
But then I found out that there are many other sites that are similar to AJ and I even found some AJ top authors registered on other sites…
So being new to the business I decided to opt OUT and not to be anymore an exclusive author… (a curious coincidence: after I opted out I had my first sale…)
But then I analyzed the other sites and changed my mind…mainly because AJ is better in every aspect…
I didn’t upload any of my tunes on other sites and I want to become again an exclusive author but there isn’t any button in the settings page to undo my request…it just says that I am now an author that has recently opted out…
Now…it says that the change will happen in 30 days but if I changed my mind I don’t see why there isn’t any way to reverse it… I even opened a ticket but no one aswered yet…

Any help? :)

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gbiasillo says

Your still exvlusive until the 30 days has elapsed. Just wait the 30 days out then you can flip back to being exclusive.