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ZackSmith says

Hey Dude,

I just sent you an email and received an automated response, so I wanted to make sure that you got your eyes on it. Spam, it is most certainly not. For our sake(potentially), please do not let my seemingly non-existent presence here on TF fool you. I have all that is necessary(and then some) to win hearts on the design end. However, I am currently devoid of a developmental mastermind and I have a much broader long term goal in mind. I am having to wait(forcibly, in some aspects,) to “pull the trigger” on various projects. So, perhaps we can begin nurturing a symbiotic relationship of sorts… that is, if you like what I have to show/say. Thanks for your time, I look forward to your response. Take care! =)


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CodeFusion says

@Zack I did receive your email. My support center is in Beta mode, so all email is also forwarded to my smart phone so I can make sure everything is working as it should. I’ve read your email and will get back to you in the morning.

@logo32 That is a lot of logos!! (BTW when viewing a single logo there is a jquery error ;) )