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scrnjakovic says

Recently I stumbled upon a free php script and found it very useful. I customized it, rewrote markup almost completely, added custom js scripts, added new core features, removed unnecessary features and stuff, basically I changed more than 50% of original work. There is no license included in original package, no license or terms of use information provided on the site, nothing. I was wondering if I am allowed to sell that highly-modified version?

Thanks in advance.

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revaxarts says

If you have the right to sell it than yes :)

Ask the original author for the license. Even if you change 95% of the code 5% is from another person and you can’t sell it without permission

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fredjramos says

The answer to your question is, if the use is transformative than it’s fair use, if not get permission (a license). The percentage used (no more than necessary) is a factor in determining fair use.