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@ This post is only for Support/envato staff , I am Sorry , I may have posted this thread at a wrong place ,but could’nt find any place at tuts+Premium forums to start a topic about same

I am a Subscribed member of Tuts+Premium , and today i saw a webpage republishing your premium Tut : Build a Filterable Portfolio Using jQuery Isotope: Please advise where should i publish that link , Or should i post the link here itself for your knowledge

I will thankful to all forum members except the support/envato staff to kindly not to reply to this topic to avoid forum cluttering …

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Sorry for “cluttering”but post a support ticket

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Hi Ameh,

thank you for your vigilance and willingness to report this matter.

Please note, these public forums are not the best place to be discussing copyright violations.

Please could you be so kind as to file a support ticket with Envato Support.

Here you can fill out the details of the violation in full and the Envato Support team will investigate fully.

As it’s more appropriate for this matter to be dealt with via Envato Support, I am going to lock this thread.

Thanks again Ameh!