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useyourimagination says
A little bit off-topic (and I don’t want to be annoying, but) digitalscience, what is the best way to contact you for support right now? you say on your item description page to use the contact form on your profile page. I’ve done that a couple of weeks ago, but haven’t got a reply for quite some time now :-( all the best

OK I ’ve seen your email, please send me the file so I can have look since you changed the code and made changes to the FLA , it’s easier if I look at the file so I can debug the issue.

Thanks… email is on it’s way.

...just stop non-buyer comments being public, problem solved.

But if there is something unclear in the item description, that would leave you with answering the same questions over and over again ;-) So a file specific FAQ section (a bit like the one on digital science’s profile page) would probably be a good idea.

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hansv says

Comments do have a lot of impact on sales. But leaving a side bad and negative comments, what about good comments and ratings…

I would love ratings to be mandatory for every purchase… many purchase the file but never come back and rate your work…. I guess because the item was just what they needed and wanted… so they forget…

maybe if a dashboard is included in envatos’ marketplaces, there should be a small non intrusive reminder to the buyer…. to remind him or her what bought items have to be rated.

A good comment on a file that actually was what you needed is also a nice thing that buyers should do. I love to see a buyer who takes the time to rate and leave a comment on the work a seller did.