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gbiasillo says

Hey guys and gals,

When I’m not composing music for AJ, a few of the guys at my work jam together, and decided to do a cover of New Order’s Blue Monday, and went as far as making a video of us performing it. I thought I’d post it to share with the community. Note that no sequencers, tape machines, were used – all 100% live. In case you’re wondering, I’m the guy playing the Korg MS20 mini, Korg 2000, midi controller (and the single drum pad).


Thanks for listening, Gari

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matsteiner Envato team says

Hey Gari
You are some crazy guys, cool idea, congrats for the great performance and the video :)

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RomanosMusic says

Great track :) (Thought the drummer was wearing a T shirt with my profile pic for a moment. Lmao.) Awesome cover.