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Tamixes says

Did they know what you were going to draw?

Loved that part, I did the test and so did my son. We’re both creatives and had very clear (and different) results for that question. So they didn’t know what we were going to draw.

We’ve always had personal artwork posted up. I drew a jungle gym and my son drew a pic of Garfield.

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Art-of-Sound says

That part was genius. I drew a bird and what followed really made me believe that I fell to subliminal messages or something. But then I did it second time and discovered how they do it. The second time I drew a smiley. Then I did it again and drew something rude and their answer was so witty.

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miseld says

Thanks for sharing this Art-of-Sound :)

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iHelp says

Awesome! Ignoring the fact that it’s a promo, the first test got me absolutely right. It was really amusing!

As for the stick figure – I did not think of a stick figure when I had my eyes closed thinking about the drawing of the child; but after finishing my drawing I just felt the urgent need to draw a stick figure!! I did not think of it, but I had to do it… I’m very manipulable it seems, probably that’s why tv ads work so good on me ^^