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contempoinc says

So, guys.. themeforest is your only source of income? You earn nearly 10k? And you’re saying that you manage to forget to withdraw your hard earned 10k from THE ONLY source of income? Then how do you even remember that you have to pay taxes or have a family to support? I cannot even imagine.. is it really that hard to spare few minutes and check if you requested a payout? I guess, I could understand if TF would be your only part-time money maker, but..
I think you need to analyze contempoinc’s situation first. First of all he’s an Elite Author, that means he do a lot of task like what GravityDept says. Some elite authors hire assistants because it’s really hard to manage everything (customer support, fixing bugs, updating previous themes, working on a new item etc.) so in the case of contempoinc maybe he works alone? he has a family/children to take care of? not sure. Soon you’ll understand when the pressure hits you :)

I do work alone, so I’m handling all aspects of working full time as a TF author, support, bugs, updates, new themes, etc…plus balancing a personal life — so my day is pretty busy. Hopefully they’ll integrate some sort of solution.

For now I’ve just set a reminder.