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PaulVictor says

I was wondering; on average, how long does it take you to design, code and develop a WordPress theme (with all the extra features etc.) and put it up for sale on TF (if it’s accepted)?

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OllieMcCarthy says

It seems to be getting longer and longer each time!

My first theme took about two weeks (a year ago)

My second theme about four weeks plus ??hrs in support (six months ago)

My latest theme took seven weeks. Although I’m expecting a lot less support requests this time since I am no longer using timthumb :D

It all depends really. In my case I am more designer than coder so the coding slows me quite up a bit. I am sure there are some theme authors who can knock em out a lot faster than me.

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cudazi Envato team says

Anywhere from 2-12 weeks but that’s not 8 hours a day typically. :)

Spending the time on documentation is an often overlooked piece, but an extra day of documentation could save weeks of support mail.

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ewizz says

it’s harder to build first theme, but after that all other themes you should do much easier.how?

when making html make div with same id’s and classes, so you can reuse shortcodes, sidebars, menus…not completely reuse (you will need to change something probably) but almost 90% of job is done for that :)