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Lichine says

...instead of the default Preview Image?

The preview image is a brilliant idea, no doubt about it, you’ve got endless height to play with, but take the stuff I’m making for gRiver then it would be pretty awesome if the Preview Image box could hold an FLV video presentation of the product you’re selling here.

E.g. My main products (upcoming) focus on speeding up the creative workflow of designers and enhancing the usability for less Photoshop-savvy people who just want a very nice result fast and easy. It’s pretty hard to illustrate this in just one picture. (Yeah I could just do a 1, 2, 3, presto image, but what’s outstanding about that?).

So my question / suggestion would be to make the preview image container able to include FLV video presentations (say in H.264 format) that either opens directly through pressing play or similar to FlashDen with its “Full Screen” previews.

Uploaders, take a moment to think of how effeciently you could present your products and really show your customers why they should buy your product(s), not to forget how. In any case, with a video presentation you will be able to really show how easy your product is to use in a project, be it web or print.

Envato, I really really hope that you take this idea into consideration as I’m sure of that you could make it possible with some effort. The feature will of course be a great opportunity for me, BUT , I am not a second in doubt of that the majority of GraphicRiver’s contributors will enjoy having a great presentational service at their hands. Regarding increasing sales, what customer would not prefer to view an actual video of the product they consider buying than just viewing an image with some text telling them how easy it is to use (*wink, my own presentation, but hey, that’s why present this suggestion after all).

That’s my 1 dollar.

Keep it rockin’ Envato (you’re doing an awesome job, well everyone is, contributors and Envato in unison, so standing ovations to everyone here)


Anders “ASH” Schmidt Hansen / Lichine

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burningstonecold says

It’s not a bad idea, but if it was to be implemented i think it should’ve been done before GR released.

Though, to be honest, i personally wouldn’t create a promo video for every file i’d upload due to:

1) It’s time consuming 2) It’s bandwidth consuming – for the marketplaces and also the end-user 3) Adds unnecessary load time to viewing a simple preview, as i already find that occasionally when the Envato sites get busy they get a little slow loading, and i don’t think it needs anymore page weight!

Another factor is skills, not everyone is skilled in video production. Therefore possibly giving those who have top skills a better chance at selling their files than someone who is an awesome designer but not that great at video production..

Just my opinion!

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Lichine says

Exactly! Bandwidth would obviously be a problem (I guess, I don’t know Envato’s capacity), but:

- The videos does not necesarily have to be more than 30 seconds (like commercials).

- Skill-wise: fully understandable, but this is (in the end) a marketplace where competition is the daily agenda. Even though this place is a virtual place on the net, the same rules of marketing apply if you want to earn money (which, as far as I know, is the point of these marketplaces).

In other words; it is about survival of the fittest meant in terms of being the keenest in promoting yourself and in presenting your work (your products that you want an income from) in the best and most sellable way. If a designer is good at designing awesome products, but the skills of presentation, how will he become a succesful designer in the “outside” world?

I would take the possibility of having video previews (call them teasers) as another milestone for me to reach in order to become a better designer. And hey that’s another plus there; you are given the opportunity of presenting your products better and at the same time you are challenged to be become better at selling your products in a more professional way. Through this, you would become an even better designer in general (take e.g. freelancers with great presentational skills).

If you are not good at video production then (at least from my point of view) you will educate yourself till the point where you say: “Nice, now I can do this too! This is really useful for me as a designer.”

Regarding the time consumption: None of us where good at Photoshop or any Adobe product (well, maybe at Reader) in the beginning, but since we didn’t want to “suck at Photoshop” we threw ourself into what seemed like endless tutorials and training videos etc. etc. in order to become better designers. So with that in mind, if you lack the skills of presentation (it may only take time) then you should be aware of that those who want to become good at video production / other ways of better presentation will be the ones to put you in the shade eventually. Finally, you have probably accepted the “way” of the designer as of being a person who always should become better at his skills like any artist in order to be noticed and acknowledged by the market. So if your true intention is to be a succesful designer then you also accept the consumption of time to become better.

“You” as in “Every designer aspiring to become succesful some day”.

But back to your opinion, it’s great! It’s important that we get all perspectives of this idea so keep ‘em coming.

So to sum up:

Opportunity of video presenting your products at GraphicRiver:


1. Increased probability of selling your products because of better presentation.

2. Increased customer service. (Customer’s insight of the product is enhanced) (Note: A succesful marketplace lives through its customers)

3. Does not have to be long and exhausting (viewer and bandwidth-wise). Think: short and “down to the point” teasers.

4. Contributor’s / Author’s chance of standing out stronger than his / her competitors is increased.

5. Based on the challenge of video presentations, training yourself to become better at it could most likely make you a better designer in general.


1a. Videos may become a bandwidth hog. (See “3.” though)

Question: How large would an average, decent quality H.264 or FLV be in size if it does not exceed 30 seconds? What about 20 seconds?

2a. The customer might not bother watching a teaser. (See “3.” again)

Question: How many customers do we know who would not prefer a real demonstration of the product first before buying it?

3a. If the Author is not good at video production he / she might be left in the dark by those better at that particular skill. (See “5.”)

Question: Does the market have any interest in buying a product that is good, but is badly presented? Furthermore, how many customers buy a product in sympathy of the designer because it’s unfair that other designers present themselves better?

I might have forgotten something, sorry. Let’s keep the discussion going! : D

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Lichine says

Greatly sorry for double-posting (the first and last time, I promise!)

Just wanted to add a note:

As stated, video presentations would in the end just be a convenient and optional choice for the Author to choose from. You don’t NEED to make a video presentation, some products do not necesarily need one, but a broader array of possibilities breeds more flexibility for authors in my opinion.

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tomsta_net says

As I haven`t seen any videos on GR previews, I guess nothing has changed on this subject, or i`m wrong?

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AgentVIP says

A bit of an old topic to revive bud.

But that’s right. You’re still not able to embed videos on GraphicRiver. You’re able to take a screenshot of your Youtube video (or your desired player), and link to the video using that method though :)

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