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TimMcMorris says

baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa that is hilarious to me XD

Magix Music studio was my first experience after (then) Fruity Loops. Once I went from Music Studio to Samplitude I thought I was really rocking :)

It took me a long time to get away from it actually… because I was so comfortable with it I was afraid to step into something more complex. I had no ideas about external plugins and sample libraries then. I just used all the built in tools and thought that was how everyone did it!

To be completely fair, there are even a couple of projects in my early portfolio here that I used Samplitude for…. but for sure not Life Is Beautiful :)

It’s just really funny for me to see my song being used by a company I once idolized hehe.

Thanks for posting ZdenekHoub, I didn’t see this yet.

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HarryAndre says

Way to go Tim!