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There is no substitute for being able to generate feeling in music, whether you use theory or not. Anyone writing anything here on AJ is technically using theory when they write music, does it matter if they don’t understand what they are doing? I don’t think so. Would it help? Probably. But ultimately, if the music works, who cares if theory was used in its creation or not.

I agree man. What he and you need to understand, is that the need for music theory is analogous to the complexity of the music he is hearing in his head. If he is hearing harmonic chains, complex modulations, sophisticated chords like diminished chords, borrowed chords, contrapuntal voices etc, then he is gonna end up banging his head on the keyboard forever.. If you hear simple music, then you don’t need theory. Hans Zimmer has a deep knowledge of Tonal Harmony. I remember him saying in an interview about a two weeks period that he struggled to solve the harmony in a small part of Davinchi’s code score. Not to mention that he spend a lot of time next to other composers on his very early stages as a musician, and that he is on the list of Top 100 Living Geniuses If your instincts want you to paint in black and white, then you don’t need color vision..
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Hey guy’s, thanks so much for all your comments and suggestions. I am working on a project for a client at the moment so I will read over the messages properly early next week :)

Also I have seen that lots are saying are saying Theory is not the be-all. While I understand this is the case when it comes to the creativity side and the ‘talent’ I want to learn it inside and out to use as a tool and an aid when writing. Also as I am in a lecturing position at university I feel that it would really help me explain some aspects of sound in the future from a musical/mathematical perspective in the future rather than a purely technical aspect.

Also I understand learning Theory to a very high standard combined with performance is not something that happens over night, or in fact a few years, this will be a life project for me :)

Thanks again!

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