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AllenGrey says

Here in Quebec we had an other snow storm today….... I remember last year I was wearing shorts,(30 degree Celsius) at this time….... so I would like to share one of my composition I made about 14 years ago (an other long winter) just to bring back how I felt about winter that time and how I STILL FEEL ABOUT WINTER NOW….Winter, please go away, you’ve been here far to long!!!! LOL!

The song is called “J’haïs l’hivers”(translation:”I hate winter”) from my band HIDE & SEEK. I know some of you won’t understand the french lyrics but the slide show will give you a good enough idea of what I mean! 8-)

Enjoy! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BpoeA2gQjjQ
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HBPsounds says

Spot on haha. Presque fini, on lâche pas! ;)

Cheers ;)