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Sophisticated or not, the (sad) truth is that most of the people stick with mp3 even when you give them wav. Plus, majority of people throughout the world use cheap and crappy speakers – most of them simply not caring for better.

Even though we, audio enthusiasts, don’t want to admit it or understand it. There simply isn’t big enough demand for such level of quality, I guess.

Also, this might shed at least a bit of light to this topic, although it’s not completely relevant: once upon a time, AJ accepted mp3 in multiple bitrates. Then they decided it was too messy and complicated for an average buyer to deal with all that, so they introduced the rule we still have to this day: only mp3@320 is allowed, alongside standard 44.1 WAV. No need to additionally confuse buyers – who might not always have the technical knowledge to decide, but simply want a cool music for their project.

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Sonic_System: Well, I’m not sure what those proprietary disc formats would mean in terms of audio file specifications, but suffice it to say, I’d support any increase in quality. I’m tired of being stuck in 1980s tech. :)

urbazon: You’re probably right. When I worked with film in the 90s, people would consider you a cheap-skate if you couldn’t handle every aspect of the production with uncompressed video. We bought huge expensive Silicon Graphics systems to accomplish this. Nowadays, no one care. As long as they can upload it to youtube and facebook, it’s ok. :)

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Anyway, I doubt we’ll see any improvement in the near future. With this economy and budgets keep shrinking, I guess most customers are happy with what’s already on the market.

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I have never any ask for 24 bit file and had many request for…. 8 bit files. Anyway I think more usable would be having a possibility for uploading 5.1 sound effects and music. There’s even no place to sell this.

BTW drbryce every pro sound and video app can handle 24 bit files :) LOL I mean that not every common players, portable devices can play it and people do not know that. They click it and it doesn’t play :) And I’m afraid this group is large.

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Hi drbryce, Hi @all,

I noticed it’s not the first time we discuss this question on AJ. So I decided to ask our buyers what they need. I hope it’s OK for you I did it. “They” need our Audio and should know the answer.

I hope it’ll help.

Here it is: http://audiojungle.net/forums/thread/16-or-24-bit-audio-mp3-or-wav-buyers-what-do-you-need/110400

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I believe there’s no such program that can not play 24-bit files. Even Windows Media Player can do it.

Not everyone in the world have the most recent software and hardware though. Atleast the 16-bit wav-files are guaranteed to work on any platform these days and it saves a lot of potential trouble.

I record everything in 24-bit, though. When mastered and dithered down to 16-bit, the 16-bit file sounds identical to the 24-bit file with increased noise floor (from -144dB to about -96dB).

Could be a nice option to have, to include 24-bit files, but probably not worth the hassle.

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Why? Because every instrument should be recorded with 24bit, every sample in every vsti should be 24 bit, every plugin should work in 24 bit. Of course mixed and mastered in 24 bit too. In many cases 24 bit music file is an illlusion and additinally it’s not needed in end format but only in postproduction.

+1. I bet the amount of people here who supply 24-bit files as an end product while making sure the ENTIRE process is 24-bit, is very very small.

Most of the end-users on this site won’t notice the difference. If they need 24-bit, they can ask the author for it. But in all my time here, only 1 person has asked for 24-bit 48kHz.

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