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Hello everyone,

my partner and I are currently working on a web-based business model and we are looking for a skilled and motivated programmer for the front-end development.

The project:
- A videostreaming platform.
- Prefereably (but not necessarily) based on the Wordpress CMS .
- Minimalist design.

The content:
- Videos are not to be self-hosted by us.
- They are to be embedded from videoportals such as Youtube, vimeo, Dailymotion and similar.

The core function:
- Cross-platform playlists.
- Videos are to be viewed in a specific player regardless of their source platform.
- They shall be watched in playlists, where videos from different sources are to play automatically after one another (in full-screen view).
- It should be possible to put ads in between the videos.

Additional features:
- Videos shall be categorized by at least 5 different attributes.
- By typing certain attributes into a search mask, a playlist should be automatically genearated where all the videos have those attributes.
- It should be possible to place ads/affiliate-links next to the video.
- Registred users should be able to create custom playlists.
- There shall be two different classes of useres (Free and Premium).
- Thus there should be a (monthly) payment system for Premium accounts.
- Naturally all current social media and social sharing functions shall be available for all the videos and for custom playlists.
- Premium users shall NOT see any ads.

The reference player to be used (preferably) is the JW Player by Longtail Video.
It must be used whenever it can be used.

Rough sketches of the desired layout (so far) will be posted here within a couple of hours.

The minimum requirements:
- Experience in web development of at least 5 years
- Expertise in HTML5 , CSS, PHP , MySQL, Javascript, responsive design
- Motivation and enthusiasm about the project
- A healthy dose of creativity

Our conditions:
- After the signing of the contract all the rights to the product are with us.
- There must be a support period of at least a couple of months (negotiable), within which errors and bugs are to be fixed.
- Since we are a Germany-based business, German programmers are preferred due to more legal simplicity.

Our budget:
Depending on the actual scope of the development process:
four-figure € amount

We are interested in your expextations concerning hourly rate and are open to negotiation.
Questions will be answered here directly.

Looking forward to receiving word from you all!