Community Guidelines

Welcome to the Envato Forums and Community!

We take great pride in our global and thriving community—it’s part of what makes Envato Market and the other Envato sites such friendly places. Our site rules focus on transparency and mutual respect. We invite you to participate, give feedback and have your say!

We aim to take a transparent and common sense approach to the general code of conduct on our sites and the way that we moderate. Before participating in discussion on our site, please familiarize yourself with the guidelines below. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Help Team or the Community Team.

Please note that the following set of guidelines apply across the site—this means anywhere you can publicly express your opinion, including but not limited to item comments, forums and profiles.

Spam? No thank you!

You must not use the forums, item comments or any contact forms on Envato sites for unsolicited advertising of your items or any other conduct that could be considered spamming. Spamming will result in restricted access to the forums and account disablement.

A Note on Self Promotion

We consider the following to be self promotion:

  • posting links to your own items anywhere on the site
  • giving away free files to the community
  • posting links to your design or social media channels on the forums and item comments section (read more on this below)

If you’d like to post a link to your item to get feedback or discussion on how to improve it, it must be posted in the “Item Discussion” section of the forums.

Envato-Specific Items: If you've created a special item or app specifically for community use and would like to post it on the forums, please contact us first. The Community Team will be happy to advise you further.

Linking to Social Media or Design Profiles: You are permitted to link to your social media and design channels via your own profile pages. However, please refrain from posting requests for followers via our public forums or item comments. There may be a dedicated thread for this, but outside of those specific threads, anything such as an invitation or alternative service associated with your social media links will be considered self promotion and lead to thread disablement.

Please Do:

  1. Post threads in the correct section and site, “All Envato Market sites” is only to be used if it is truly relevant to them all. For non-marketplace related topics, please use the “Off Topic” section.
  2. Ensure any threads discussing improvements to items that were not accepted go in the “Item Discussion” section.
  3. Get to know your fellow members and peers! Help out new users with any questions, be active, and share your feedback. Participating and affecting the community in a positive way will make you eligible for the Forum Superstar and Community Superstar badges.
  4. Please respect your fellow users, staff, and moderators. We are all part of a community and you are expected to treat all users in a professional and respectful manner.
  5. Before posting a new thread, please do a search and check recent threads from the past few days. There is a good chance the topic has already been started. Duplicate threads will be locked and a link to the original thread will be posted.
  6. Please stay on track! We have the “Off Topic” section for random, fun topics. If you get a bit carried away in an unrelated thread, the Mods may step in to steer the thread back to topic.
  7. If you do come across a copyright issue on or affecting the Envato Market sites, please contact ≈ with all of the details. Please don’t post copyright accusations on the forums. This includes calling out specific items or authors on Envato Market. You can read more about copyright on our Knowledgebase.
  8. Send any account issues or problems you have to our Help Team. The only way to guarantee they’ll see and resolve your issue is to contact them directly. Remember to search the Knowledgebase and the forums (via the search tab) before starting a thread with a question. Chances are it’s already been answered!
  9. Have an awesome creative idea? Feel free to open a thread, describe the subject in-depth and fire away! Our community is full of creative people and posting your ideas will help you connect, collaborate and inspire others.

Please do NOT:

  1. Spam. These threads will be disabled and users warned and/or banned, depending on the frequency of their actions.
  2. Encourage personal attacks, call out another user and/or sabotage a user’s item.
    This includes:
    • Linking to items and making disparaging comments about an author or item.
    • Using the item comments or ratings system to sabotage or defame an author or item.
    If a thread becomes personal or heated towards a user, reviewer, moderator or staff member, the thread will be locked/removed. Further actions may be taken depending on overall behaviour.
  3. Self promotion is not allowed on the Envato Market forums. For examples and clarification, see the section above titled A Note on Self Promotion. In addition, promoting outside services or competitors is not allowed on the forums. If you have any doubts about a link that you wish to share, feel free to contact the Community Team and ask. We’re happy to help!
  4. Post any threads discussing or linking to piracy or warez sites. These do more harm than good and will be disabled. Report any copyright, piracy, or warez violations to Help Team and see the Knowledgebase for information on copyright support.
  5. Go extremely off the topic of the thread in question. We understand the forums are a fun place and a little off topic chat never hurt anyone, but the mods may step in to steer the direction if needed.
  6. Discuss or link to offensive topics, such as pornography, violent themes, sexism, racism or other discriminatory subjects, even as a “joke”. Users doing so will receive a warning and further action if needed. Threads of a political or religious nature are not appropriate for Envato Market.
  7. Post or solicit any kind of racism, flaming, trolling, harassment, discrimination of any kind, or behaviour deemed to be intentionally abusive or inappropriate. Behaviour of this kind will result in an immediate warning, followed by temporary disablement. Further violations can escalate to account freezes and bans.
  8. Create forum titles in all capital letters.
  9. Solicit for any kind of material support, donations, aid, etc. While they may be well intentioned, such requests are sure to attract the wrong kind of attention. Due to the high risk of scamming, such threads are frowned upon and will be locked and disabled without further notice.
  10. Discuss pricing about items in an author-driven pricing category (i.e., a category where authors set their own prices for their items). As these discussions can have serious legal consequences for individual authors, Envato and the community in general, they will be immediately deleted and users will receive a warning.

Anti Censorship, Pro Constructive Feedback!

We value the feedback and input we get from the community. Seriously. As long as your posts abide by our rules and guidelines of conduct, we’ll take note and respond where possible to your input or feedback. If you have any issues or something you’d like to discuss privately, please do not hesitate to contact the Help Team. Our Community Team, together with the highly engaged moderators, are here to help, to aid the conversation and to give any input needed. If you have questions about the forums, contact the moderators through their profiles, or the Community Team.

Official Threads

Occasionally, staff create official threads on the forums to communicate important information with the community. Please do your best to keep your comments and questions relevant to the topic, so we can answer and respond promptly. Off-topic comments may be removed from these threads to reduce confusion.

Our Warning and Forum Ban Policy

We will temporarily or permanently ban members from the forums for repeatedly breaching our code of conduct. This includes trolling or any other form of consistently disruptive behaviour. Forum bans are usually temporary and are only used when other alternatives have been unsuccessful. To avoid disruption to your forum privileges, please refer to these guidelines and if unsure, follow direction from staff and moderators.

If your account has been banned (temporarily or permanently), you will still be able to browse the forums, comment on items and access other site services. However, you will not be able to comment or post new threads. Please note that should your disruptive behaviour extend to the item comments, your account may be disabled. In the event that your account has restrictions placed on it, Support will contact you at your registered email address with further information.

Our Community Moderators

Our moderators are longtime community members who have volunteered their time to ensure that our forums are a wonderful place to be. They are here to give you assistance and make sure that users respect our code of conduct. In return for the help and advice that our moderators give, we ask that you respect them and their role within our community.

Please note: moderators are not part of the official Staff. While they have vast experience as longtime users, they don’t have all of the answers to more intricate questions. Should you find yourself wondering who to ask about a complex issue, please contact the Help Team.

Have Fun!

Lastly, we encourage you above all to have fun, get to know your fellow community members and enjoy all that the forums have to offer. It’s a friendly place with plenty of talented people and we’d love to see you participate!